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Create Message Pro 1.0

Creates .exe files of custom dialog boxes with messages to be displayed
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Create Message Pro is used to generate .exe files of messages to be displayed. This wonderful tool allows one to display his message in a very effective way. User can be shown an error, a warning and or a confirmation message in the form of a small dialog box.

The procedure of creating the .exe file is extremely easy. The user just needs to enter the text and choose the type of message he wants. Moreover, user also has full control over the text to be printed in the dialog window. The user can choose to display buttons like yes, no, ok, retry, ignore, abort and some more. The interface of this software is very simple and any user can handle it without any difficulty.

Create Message Pro doesn’t restrict the distribution of .exe files, as users are free to distribute them across an unlimited number of PCs. There is also a deluxe version through, which gives the user more control over the message to be displayed. This program may not function well in Windows versions higher than Windows 2003.

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  • Text and buttons are customizable
  • Very easy to use


  • May not function well in latest versions of Windows
  • Not free
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